Premier Massage Northampton

Widely considered to be the Premier Massage Northampton Parlour by the majority of the punting community, Soft Touch Bodyworks is unparalleled in its approach to customer service. Unlike many Northampton Massage Parlours and indeed throughout the UK, we focus on ensuring our clients experience the ultimate sexual satisfaction whilst enjoying a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

We hear many horror stories where guys aare massaged on unclean sheets that have been there for on some occassions 3 days before being changed. Not at Soft Touch Bodyworks, we ensure our sheets are changed between every client ! This is why we have a state of the art hot water system to ensure it can cope as well as an industrial laundry contract.

This also applies to our towels at Sooft Touch Bodyworks, clean fresh towels are again provided for each and every client so you know that on your visit here, you will not be sharing your towel that has just been used by another.